Two Wells Tavern-Motel provides accommodation in the form of motel rooms. We have 10 rooms available, all have own en suite are air conditioned and have a T.V., Jug and Toaster for your use. Our hotel is situated next door to the motel and if you require a continental breakfast, please do not hesitate to ask.

To Book Accommodation or to enquire-
please call: (08) 8520 2210


Double Room, sleeps 2 Adults and 1 single.

rooms are air conditioned, and have en suite, TV,Jug and Toaster and a fridge.

Continental Breakfasts available on request.


Flat/Unit Sleeps 2 Adults and up 2 singles with kitchenette, is air conditioned,en suite,TV, Jug and Toaster.

Suitable for extended stays.


 This room is equipped with 3 single beds, suitable for 3 singles and has air conditioning, its own en suite, TV, Jug, Fridge and Toaster.

Two Wells Tavern-Motel

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